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WebTalent has scoured the internet to find traces of talent you never thought you would find. Source the best from our database of tech-focused profiles of more than 160 million candidates from 50+ websites that can help you find, engage with, and recruit hard-to-find technical talent, that matter most and presenting the data in a way that’s simple to act on
From the Web
WebTalent identifies profiles of a candidate in the Internet and unites them into a "consolidated profile" containing skills, experience and publicly accessible contacts.
Socially Driven
WebTalent finds candidates which do not have resumes on job-boards or even profiles on LinkedIn and are not often solicited by recruiters.
Profiles that Matter

WebTalent’s intelligent technology that empowers recruiters to achieve their sourcing goals better and faster.

Powerful Search

Powerful, flexible search tools - from simple keywords right to your own Boolean phrases. Rich semantics and ontology - never miss a candidate no matter what title or skill terms they might use

Get the Complete Picture

A full picture of a candidate's professional and personal interests, aggregated and scored from their entire social footprint. Awesome information to start your conversation with.

Find candidates where they live online based on their real interests and actions. Connect fast through Phone, Email, Twitter and Facebook

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