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Tableau developer
- San Ramon CA
Experience level :
Years of Experience :
8-10 Yrs
Duration :
6 Months
Education :
Interview :
Phone only
Salary/Rate :
$ Open Hourly 1099/C2C
Direct Requirement :
Job Openings :
Travel Required :
Telecommute :
Security Clearance :
Expenses Paid :
Work Status:
Position Type :
Job Description: Search Highlights
M in 6 years of experience on tool
          Expert in various Tableau Products at enterprise scale (Administration, Server maintenance, D evelopment)
          Ensuring the defin ed service infrastructure is implemented and maintained in accordance with the defined infrastructure architecture for Tableau
          Expert in actively managing, coordinating and monitoring the access management(Revoking or ac tivating access) especially for sandbox environment
          Experience on majo r database (e.g. DB2, Oracle, SAP) desired and integrating Tableau with the m
          Experience designi ng and developing Tableau user interfaces (mobile a plus)
          Demonstrated the a bility in working with the best practices of the Version Management& rsquo; across all environments
          Demonstrated abili ty to work with user community actively to manage access and publishing nee ds in the prototyping environment. Experience in Tableau server, online is a plus
          Demonstrated Exper ience on procedures  for change control and responsible for code revie w and quality gate procedure
          Demonstrated abili ty to create validation plans and environments and effectively maintain the m
          Demonstrated abili ty to handle IT deployment through various quality gates to ensure that the Tableau solutions deployed meet the standards and are consistent
          Identify, develop and maintain configuration and system monitoring items needs to be document ed for each service environment (prototype, development, test and productio n(if needed)) and ensuring the technical team(s) correctly record this info rmation for Tableau
          Document and conti nuously drive opportunities and highlight constraints on usage of environme nts and collaborate with business user and IT community(Support Teams) to b alance the environmental needs effectively
          Work with the proj ect manager and other project team members to develop detailed plans for ne w and change implementation with most suitable and optimal options in Table au architecture
          Identify, build an d continuously maintain and monitor standards and processes(Quality Gates) for usage of the environments; get agreement on these, document and publish these
          Manage the project development team and ensure there adherence to the standards and Tableau q uality gates
          Transfer knowledge about environments and service capabilities to the long term service group
          Continuously bring Tableau knowledge back to the team and innovative proposals to mature the BI capability in the organization
          Coach the Tableau developers if needed to ensure that right development standards and practic es are followed
          Actively involved in the Tableau community of best practices to continuously improve the land scape
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