Register/Login: is a specialist employment solutions website designed to make job hunt and talent sourcing faster and smarter. The website is focused on careers and opportunities in the IT sector, both in the US and globally.

What makes unique from the plethora of “job match”/“resume match”, is that job or talent hunters don’t need to wade through several undifferentiated job or resume listings before narrowing down to the ‘probable’ match. The portal’s state of the art advanced job search or candidate search technology ensures precise job/resume matching, saving the users a lot of time and effort.

Designed with simplicity and usability in mind, the overall work-flow, i.e. right from creating an account, to adding jobs/resumes, to finalizing on the right candidates, has been planned and implemented to ensure a productive and rewarding experience.

The management team behind is armed with a collaborative experience of over 30 years in the IT staffing and consulting industry. The leadership team brings in an extensive enterprise-level systems implementation and project management experience. While a team of highly skilled and motivated consultants brings in proven enterprise-level systems product knowledge and implementation experience.

With such exhaustive expertise within the IT industry, the team’s realization of the the difficulties faced by IT head-hunters as well as job seekers everyday while searching for new candidates or jobs, lead them to planning and developing a simplified, yet powerful solution - That aims to empower both job-hunters and recruiters.

ITContract doesn't match better, it matches perfectly!